DFM fuel flow meters

With 50 l/h flow rate

With 100 l/h flow rate

With 250 l/h flow rate

With 500 l/h flow rate

Fuel flow meter DFM enables to receive objective information about actual fuel consumption vehicle working time . It also permits to reduce fuel and repairing costs. It is possible to develop fuel consumption rates for selected routes and technological operations. Fuel management systems usually means fuel consumption monitoring system which consists of flowmeter sensor, tracking device and additional sensors. Diesel fuel metering usually is connected with diesel fuel metering. There is a wide range of vehicles, where the digital fuel meters are used.

Technoton provides several kinds of products like:

  • Fuel flowmeter DFМ with a display and pulse interface is designed for fuel consumption measurement both autonomously and as a part of fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking system. Differential fuel flow meter DFМ is designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement in the fuel line of vehicles and installations. Differential fuel consumtion meter DFМ may be used both with vehicle tracking system and fuel monitoring system installed on motor vehicles with modern EURO (TIER) 3/4/5 diesel engines. The information of vehicle fuel consumption is represented on the metereing unit display, and also is given in the pulse interface.
  • Autonomous fuel counter DFМ is a simple solution for fuel consumption control.  Fuel flow counter DFМ represents information on the LCD display. Fuel consumption indications control and fixation are made visually by a responsible person with entering dаta to report. Fuel counter DFМ can be used to create a fleet fuel consumption accounting system.
  • The economic effect of using the fuel accounting devices is different at various companies, usually about 10 to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence. Companies can seriously reduce fleet fuel costs using the fuel flow meters by Technoton