DFM Marine Fuel Flow Meters

From 20 to 1000 l/h flow rate

From 40 to 2000 l/h flow rate

From 80 to 4000 l/h flow rate

DFM MARINE fuel flow meter is a precise tool for fuel consumption measurement of maritime transport, locomotives, high-power diesel generators, mining and quarrying machinery, boilers/burners. DFM Marine fuel flow meters can be used within Telematics systems as well as stand-alone autonomous solution. DFM Marine is installed in fuel system of engines/boiler/burner, measures instant fuel consumption per hour and sends outputs signal to vehicle tracking device.

Measurement chamber of DFM Marine is made of corrosion-proof metal – brass. Body and thread/flange is made of either brass or duralumin.

Implemented J1939 protocol allows DFM Marine CAN to be used within S6 Telematics interface together with DUT-E CAN fuel level sensor and other equipment. Telematics device can obtain data via just 1 CAN-port – from up to 8 units DFM Marine CAN and up to 8 units of DUT-E CAN. This option is useful when monitoring fuel of several engines simultaneously (vessels, locomotives, group of gensets, boiling equipment).

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