DFM 100D 232


Two-chamber (differential) flow meter for fuel consumption measurement and engine operation time tracking.

Flow rate per chamber: 10-100 L/h
Output signal: serial RS-232


DFM 100D 232 fifferential fuel flow meter is used for fuel consumption measurement of diesel engines and diesel fuel systems with high flow rate in fuel supply and return lines (e.g. CommonRail). The flow meters is used as a part of telematics system (fleet management, GPS vehicle tracking) or stand-alone fuel monitoring system.


  • Number of measuring chambers: two (feed and return)
  • Flow rate per chamber: 10-100 l/h
  • Output interface: serial RS-232
  • Nominal bore:
  • Built-in filter size:
  • Embedded battery life:


 Options on request:

Please, note: Signal cable is not a part of delivery set. Signal cable is ordered separately.
Please, note:  At the first installation of DFM 100D 232 you also need Service kit for configuring and diagnostics.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 22 cm