About Us

Technoton is an expert in fuel monitoring. We develop, manufacture, and install our own fuel monitoring and fleet management solutions:

Technoton solutions are easily integrated into fleet management and fuel monitoring systems such as CKPT.

Technoton has gained an extended experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing fuel monitoring systems on highway trucks, light commercial vehicles, diesel trains, river boats, tractors, special equipment, furnaces, burners, and diesel generators. Technoton quality management system is certified according to the international ISO 9001:2008 and the national STB ISO9001 standards.

With Technoton products you can:

1. Monitor fuel consumption:

  • prevent fuel theft;
  • optimize fleet operations;
  • monitor fuel line condition;
  • monitor engine operation mode;

2. Monitor your vehicles and manage your fleet:

  • detect unauthorized trips and underhand cargo;
  • avoid fines for exceeding load limits;
  • monitor vehicle location in real time,

3. Remotely diagnose vehicle problems:

  • receive data from CAN and J1708 buses;
  • diagnose vehicle ECUs;
  • simulate CAN bus;
  • collect data from sensors and vehicle CAN buses and send it to the tracking device;
  • integrate standard onboard sensors and vehicle ECUs into S6 telematics bus.;

Technoton has been successfully developing fuel monitoring solutions for 20 years. We have built the team and expertise you can trust!

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