CANUp telematics gateways

CANUp telematics gateway is designed for identifying and recording huge amount of machinery operation parameters. CANUp is employed in vehicle GPS tracking and telematics, also for remote stationary object monitoring systems to:

  • gather and analyze data from additional telematics sensors,
  • automatically scan and parse J1939/71 and ISOBUS messages,
  • integrate messages of J1708 and Modbus RTU interfaces,
  • track object position over GPS and GLONASS,
  • generate and send operation reports via 2G, 3G, LTE (4G) or Wi-Fi.

Core feature of CANUp gateway – utilization of edge/fog computing methods, which allow detecting 10,000+ possible parameters of vehicle or equipment operation and sending generated operation reports to a web-based telematics server and directly to a user via email and SMS.

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