CANUp 27 Pro LTE A


Data transfer to the server: 2G, 3G and LTE (4G), SMS and e-mail.
Interfaces: S7 wireless BLE interface
1pc CAN J1939 / S6
1pc CAN J1939 (CAN 2.0B)

Expedition time up to 4 weeks


CANUp – multifunctional tool within Telematics systems combining features of a data converter, digital-to-analog converter and the online GPS/GLONASS Terminal. Support for Wialon Wialon IPS 2.0, MQTT IBM protocols.
CANUp 27 Pro LTE A –  works in LTE networks in the EMEA + South and North (partially) America.

– 1pc analog 0-30V
– 1pc frequency 1-10,000Hz
– 1pc discrete

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Weight 1.2 kg