MasterCAN vehicle data inteface

Transport tracking and fuel consumption monitoring systems are intended to help in effective vehicle fleet management. Delivery of reliable information about vehicles and drivers means receiving, processing and analyzing of tens and hundreds of parameters on the automobile operation. Receiving of signals from sensors and systems is the most difficult task for integrators of monitoring solutions for today, because nowadays there is great number of car brands and models used by transport service.

The full specter of can bus tools.

MasterCAN line includes

  • Vehicle data interface. Range of vehicle data interfaces are usable can bus tools which read J1708 j1939 data. MasterCAN filters data from digital buses of a vehicle and forms messages that contain the most essential vehicle operation parameters for fleet telematics systems. CAN bus module is used as identifier, decoder and analyser. Moreover Can Bus data transfers to tracking units, which can report alerts with the special Can bus software.
  • CAN Bus Simulator-Analyzers by FMS standart. CAN bus protocols contains huge massive of information which is collected freely or via messaging. CAN Bus special diagnostic tools are indispensable for developers and quality assurance specialists for creating, debugging, and testing the equipment and software designed to be integrated in CAN bus.

MasterCAN Tool diagnoses individual malfunctions of electronic components by sending into CAN bus custom messages on behalf of any vehicle electronic unit.

Besides the messages from CAN bus, MasterCAN Tool also reads the data from S6 bus. The bus can collect data from fuel sensors and GPS/GLONASS tracking devices connected to it. All the collected data is transmitted into the tracking device in the FMS standard.

  • Can bus converter. MasterCAN DAC 15 converter is smart tool for GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems which utilize devices with various input/output interfaces. It can convert CAN bus protocols to other format and vice versa. MasterCAN DAC15 converts analog signals of vehicle sensors into digital parameter values (SPN) of CAN (J1939) bus for further transfer with data logging devices having CAN interface port.
  • Additional devises like can bus displays and monitors, power timers e.t.c.
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