DFM 250S7


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One-chamber flow meter for fuel consumption measurement and engine operation time tracking.
Flow rate: 5-250 L/h
Output signal: Bluetooth 4.1

Compatible with our free application: Fuel Rate Monitor

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DFM S7 – hardware tool for direct fuel consumption measurement and monitoring flow of liquids with 1.5 to 6 mm2/s kinematic viscosity, also used for recording engine operation time and fuel/liquid flow time. DFM S7 wireless fuel flow meters are used in vehicle telematics (GPS/ GLONASS vehicle tracking), online monitoring systems of stationary engines, boilers/heaters, and as an stand-alone solution for fuel consumption monitoring.

The flow meters are based on S7 Technology, which ensures wireless data transfer via Bluetooth 4.X (Bluetooth Low Energy) to several devices using BLE-radio. In other words, the flow meters are operated in “advertising” mode – data is sent simultaneously to telematics units and GPS trackers, Bluetooth-displays, smartphones and tablets.

Core features

  • operation in BLE-radio mode: data is sent to several Receivers at the same time
  • in-built battery – fuel flow sensor works without external power supply
  • very low power consumption allows autonomous operation of flowmeter for 5 years
  • explosion and fire safety without additional intrinsic safety barrier
  • no cables – improved resistance to vandalism or accidental damage
Please, note: Along with this DFM fuel flow meter, we recommend purchasing S6 SK Service kit for connection to a PC for configuring and diagnostics.
Weight1.29 kg
Dimensions17 × 22 cm
Product Type

Fuel flow meter, One chamber fuel flow meter

Fuel flow rate

5-250 L/h

Output signal

Bluetooth 4.1


engine consumption monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring, instant fuel consumption

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