DUT-E 2Bio AF Differential fuel level sensor


Fuel volume measurement in fuel tank.
For vehicles and stationary fuel storages.

Output signal: analog-frequency
Probe length: 700mm
Inaccuracy: 1%

Expedition time up to 4 weeks


DUT-E 2Bio can be used as a part of a fuel monitoring system or to substitute the standard fuel meter of a vehicle. Different fuel types (summer diesel, winter diesel and especially biodiesel) have different permittivity values. For accurate fuel volume measurement in case of switching between different types of fuel re-calibration of fuel tank is needed.

DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor is designed for accurate volume measurement of all types or fuel. Re-calibration and re-configurations is not needed.

DUT-E as a part of telematics system is used:

to obtain reliable information about current fuel volume in vehicle tank;
to define the vehicle fueling volume;

to detect fuel theft from the tank;

to carry out the remote tank monitoring;

to determine fuel consumption.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E 2Bio has AF analog-frequency signal . Output Lenght: 700, 1000 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 11 × 8.5 cm