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Telematics solutions by Technoton

Technoton is one of the leading vehicle telematics companies and produces a wide range of sensors, meters, interfaces and other devices for fuel control, CANbus reading and GPS vehicle tracking.

We have more than 16 years of expertise and experience in fleetmatics. Technoton provides all necessary components to build and integrate advanced telematics systems.

Our telematics solutions includes

  • Systems for diesel, petroleum and other fuels consumption control. Additional sensors help to reduce fuel costs and control the fleet more effectively. Also Technoton produces fuel level sensors with build-in gps tracking system
  • Effective instruments to read and diagnose the CAN BUS which up  telematics fleet systems on the higher level. With tracking devices and MasterCan line your vehicle tracking system will provide additional information about the fleet. Gps based vehicle tracking system is supported by special gps tracking software
  • Special S6 advansed telematics interface gathers all the units in one independent system which provides all advantages of using telematics equipment

Become an expert in fleet management solutions with Technoton. 

All the products and developments are united by the common design philosophy and in the near future are supposed to be integrated into a unified on-board information system. 

The company’s basic business lines are:

  • manufacturing of auto electronics to monitor the basic parameters of vehicle operation. A product line of the brand "CKPT" (Fuel Consumption Monitoring System) presents on-board equipment, office equipment and software, service equipment;
  • manufacturing of fuel flow meters and fuel level sensors;
  • designing, modernization and updating of auto electronics by the specialists of our own design office;
  • designing of on-board computers and diagnostic complexes for trucks.